If you search for best picnic spots around Delhi/NCR Pratapgarh farms will most likely appear in the search results. There are very few good one day outing options left these days specially if you are looking for something away from hustle bustle of the city and closer to nature then this is your place. Pratapgarh farms is around 60 kms from Gurgaon situated near Jhajjar and is convenient drive away of about 1.5 hours. This was once a traditional farm and is now converted to a Eco-tourism rural farm. The farm is situated around 5 kms from the main highway in the midst of nice lush green surroundings in a typical rural setting. The farm is recognized by Ministry of tourism, Haryana Government too.

The farm has lot to offer for all age groups and there are loads of activities and things to experience. I would not talk about the activities as the information is available here Pratapgarh Farms. But i would like to share few tips and high points of the visit.


  • More the merrier: Larger the group more fun it will be
  • Reach early preferably before 10 am
  • Avoid weekends
  • Carry sunglasses and hats
  • Have lots of liquids and keep body hydrated
  • The whole area is divided into 6 lawns (picture below). Prioritize lawns 4,5 & 6 as these require outdoor activities in the open. Remaining lawns have good shade due to trees around
  • Skip the lunch buffet and head to the area hidden behind DJ setup. Here you get traditional food cooked on Chullah
  • Focus on activities which give you traditional experience like Puppet show, Gulel, Pottery, Charkha, Dairy and Nursery, Mud Bath, Tubewell Bath, Kanche Goli, Bullock Cart ride and Agri activities
  • Nursery is really beautiful and must be visited preferable early in the first half of the day


High points of our visit were

  • Nursery trip – You can click lot of snaps here and also take rest on the traditional khatiya
  • Puppet show
  • Operate the traditional wooden machine and learn the art of embroidery on handmade bedsheets
  • Pottery/Charkha
  • Mud and Tube well bath
  • Cricket and Table tennis
  • Trampoline
  • Unlimited Butter milk and Shikanji thru out the day
  • Traditional chullah cooked food

We had reached at 9 am. We covered all activities and experiences conveniently by 4:30 pm. In all the day was well spent with family and kids enjoyed the most. I would definitely recommend this place to folks in Delhi/NCR  to visit atleast once. Have posted some snaps above from our trip to give you a flavor of the place.